Belixir ®

Belixir® Earth Drinks bring to you an experience of relaxation, a moment of a voyage through their exotic fragrances and tastes – delivering the superior properties of their ingredients delivered. Inspiring from traditional recipes across Asia, combining with Belgian know-how, Belixir® is a modern indulgence with centuries-old wisdom.

Ginger, lemon, and honey, are ingredients so exceptionally beneficial for the health that they are often known as “nature’s super foods”. Nothing artificial is used. Eucalyptus and lavender infuse these drinks with their natural aroma.

They are refreshing when served cold, and yet most soothing when served hot.


Two friends, one Belgian and one British-Chinese, founded Belixir® in Brussels. Not satisfied with what the beverage market offers, under the domination of sugary sodas, chemical-filled iced teas, or overly sweet juices, they began the quest for the healthiest and most delicious drink of their memories.

These memories bring them back to voyages in South-East Asia. The air was warm and humid, cicadas were at their loudest. The barrel made of bamboo had condensation on its surface – the smell of exotic spices was diffusing from the inside. A generous elderly lady offered us a cup of this refreshment, with a beautiful smile. The drink was lightly sweetened by honey, a bit sour from the lemon, and it was the ginger that gave its character. From the Indian Himalayas to the thick Malaysian rainforests, Asian cultures have been using these gifts of nature for refreshment and as folkloric cures. It was an unforgettable moment, hospitality shared through such down-to-earth ingredients, in a simple act of kindness. Experiences alike remain a heart-warming memory.

The two friends asked the lady for her recipe of this drink, which they kept preciously. They followed it and fine-tuned it to their liking, which was shared by many others. Belixir Earth Drink® was created. Not only do these drinks bring pleasure to the nose and palate, they also remind them of their wonderful memories from faraway places, of their favourite travels. They bring new beginnings to their journey.

Belixir Earth Drinks


Native to Australia, eucalyptus’s fresh aroma has long been appreciated for its soothing qualities. In traditional medicine, eucalyptus tea was used to help relieve fever and loosen coughs. Studies are also conducted on the potential of eucalyptus leaf’s effect on controlling blood sugar, against bacteria an fungi. In aromatherapy, the scent of eucalyptus is believed to counter physical and mental fatigue, to improve energy and brings positivity.
Belixir Eucalyptus is infused with dried eucalyptus leaves.


The beautiful purple plant has been an important part of our society since ancient times.
The aroma of lavender is believed to relieve insomnia, agitation, and anxiety. It is the most common herb to be used to facilitate deep relaxation and attain better quality of sleep. The pleasant scent is the subject of many researches for calming heart rate and blood pressure. In the culinary sense, the antioxydant in lavender, called polyphenols, can help reduce undesirable bacteria in our digestive system.
Belixir Lavender is infused with dried lavender flowers.

well-being is a journey


All ingredients of Belixir Earth Drinks® are much celebrated, globally appreciated “super foods” because of their wonderful qualities. They have all endured millennia in human history as important ingredients in many civilizations.


Soothe coughs

excellent source of anti-oxidant and all-natural energy (natural unprocessed sugar)

help sleep as honey can cause rise in insulin and release serotonin – a neurotransmitter that improves mood.


improve digestion, blood circulation

relieve muscle pain, inflammation, nausea, migraine


rich in antioxidant and vitamin C

increasing iron absorption: vitamin C helps the body’s ability to absorb iron.

boosting the immune system: vitamin C helps the immune system battle germs.

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